At GIBSON HOME TEAM, we are guided by our CORE VALUES. We call these our 90° of Difference, demonstrating our commitment to tilt the real estate experience 90° forward to deliver the most rewarding, friendly and innovative experiences for our clients.  There are many great traditions in real estate, and we will keep the proven traditions that best serve clients, but we are tilting the industry forward to improve client experiences and results.  EXPECT A NEW EXPERIENCE IN REAL ESTATE!

  • Client-first approach for everything we do.
  • Transparency and communication throughout the buying and selling process.
  • Leading edge and innovative marketing for our listed properties.
  • Availability by phone, in person, by text or email.  Our clients should expect to be treated as priority-one, and we commit to respond to your inquiries as soon as possible and always within the same day.
  • Trusted referrals for service providers and vendors for your new home or your home for sale.  These are the same vendors our team uses for our own properties.

These CORE VALUES sound simple, and they are, but these values are also too often overlooked. We created the GIBSON HOME TEAM to deliver the same level of service that our team members and families expect in our own lives.  

We encourage you to talk to those we serve, view the testimonials on our website and ask questions.  Our commitment is to our clients.